“So much brighter in Brighton”

Our clients here have moved from and old style home, being empty nesters gave them an opportunity to think how amazing it would be to have a new home, new furniture and yes, new art.

The brief:
The home was newly built, architecturally designed with a neutral colour palette with a less is more approach internally and externally.
We also noticed that they are very busy lifestyle and when they come home, the idea of relaxing and enjoy the new spaces and décor is a priority.
Our brief was earth hues that not only softens the space but, adds a inviting array of colours that allow them to introduce either new hues or existing hues, outside inviting these into the space.

Conception to completion:
We have started in the entry and also, 2 artworks in the lounge, has not only transformed the space but, merged all the elements together into a comfortable and tranquil surround.
Earthy hue’s with highlights, creating an organic and soft composition brings all the elements together.
We do love it when we see clients’ faces beam with excitement and joy once they view the finished result.
Staircase to come also and we have to say that this will be an attention grabber to say the least.


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