Conversion in Carlton

From a restaurant to a living residence is what we had the opportunity to be involved with.
It is amazing to me how families are resorting more to the modern aesthetic in these times.
The palette here is just black and white, so yes,…. Colour and more colour was on the agenda. So glad we could help and add our touches to make it a statement that can be enjoyed by all.

The Brief:
Viewing the open space and also the materials used was a point we had to consider. When looking at the overall space, it was screaming for red hues and these textural elements, including our wall tiles. The tiles are an element created by us that rather than just placing art on the wall, it is the wall receiving the full treatment and with this combination, the effects are spectacular.

Conception through to Fruition:
With the criteria being laid out, we had created 5 concepts using a model as there was 20 metres of to consider.
The result is truly unique to the space and with the clients watching over every aspect, the result truly speak for themselves.


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