Caulfield North-2013

Art in Caulfield Ap-art-ment

The simplicity of living in apartments these days allows so many people to have the time to enjoy the space and add the personal touches giving the space its own identity.
In this instance as developers seem to do and do it well these days, is the neutral palette approach with hints of timber and accents of 2 pack, for that additional polish and highlighted features.

The brief:
It is interesting for us as we have so many clients that say, “I don't know anything about art?” Our comment is, “Do you like it or the idea of it?” The answer is always yes. A good starting point. Our client wasn't sure about colour options, nor style, or composition.
Family photos were the only things on display and this tends to be the case quite often. The other comment we receive more often than not, “I know what I like and I know what I want when I see it”.
So for us it is showing our folio and website to establish a base.

Conception through to Fruition:
The whole space was so geometric and square so, …… circle to break the shapes and her favourite cushion of a burnt umber colour had to be incorporated.
We also decided that texture within the artwork, to offer an additional dimension to the work and would allow other textural elements into the space.
The result has made for a strong and inviting space that says, “We have arrived”


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