Art with a story

Our clients are a retired couple and have just built a new home.
The final touch to consider is the art for the final impact, or the icing on the cake. What we didn't realise at the time was, that our clients had already seen a vast number of artists who had tried to convince them that their artwork was a stand out.

The Brief:
The history of the area was a base to start from and also a red lounge sets the stage being a warm red and the kitchen splashbacks in the same open space.

Conception to fruition:
A number of different variations conceptually were offered and we did notice that they had a good appreciation of art, in all its genres. So yes it had to be perfect. Our famous wall tiles were also used to incorporate elements such as wall lighting, tv and fireplace.
The result is definitely a standout in the combined kitchen, lounge and dining. Even we were proud of the result from our Firefly series used here.
2 weeks later we were asked to place another in the entry of the same series with an alternate colour palette. Again a great result with some oh so happy clients.
It really makes our day seeing our clients expressions and voicing their opinions.


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