“Simplicity achieved”

An East Melbourne Penthouse was newly renovated getting rid of the 80’s pinks and greys.
Neutral palette, as many new spaces are given the concept of resale. To many clients are so frightened by colour.
Within this space, limed floorboards and green granite top were the only inbuilt features of the home with any hue.
What set the stage for us was the bench top and also furniture choices that governed the art creations.

Conception to Fruition:
Three artworks were created that completed the open plan space. You will also notice the change in the artwork within the open plan space that shows a segregation of spaces yet it still allows itself to merge from one area to another with ease.
This was to be a low maintenance property and could also work with a growing family.
Our clients weren’t quite sure what they were looking for but, we find this with many of our clients until we go through the education and consultation process.
Their final choice was minimalist, sleek, and elegant, from its scaling and creation. Not only does it complete the space, it has also created an identity that has passion and decadence.


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