“What your home says”

So here is a designer and builder who watched and was involved with every stage of construction of his new home. To see your family dream home go up and the finer detail come to fruition would be quite satisfying.
The home was newly built, architecturally designed with a neutral colour palette.
This was to be a low maintenance property that can work with a growing family.

The Brief:
Our brief was bringing life and soul in the more common spaces to begin with and the pool outside being the main drawcard.
Dining/lounge and staircase were the first aspects of the home to be looked at.
Tranquillity, with the main emphasis being the pool, was where the main story and idea where the artwork is derived from. This was the concept that was going to be taken through the home, with an openness and the colour palette made the space look roomier.

Conception to fruition:
These areas were an amazing surprise to our clients as it is easy to forget the scale of these artworks and the impact it has within the space.
It is with great joy when we give back our clients homes after we have had our creative energy thrown into it.
Given that, our clients are all just hardworking and have the daily grind to deal with. So this newly created and relaxing space allows you just go, “aaaahhhhhh, “I’m home” and it just works.


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