Point Cook-2013

“Natures Colour Palette”

Our clients here have built a new home and are looking to start a family.
For the new home, it has a warm neutral palette through all the spaces given that some area’s and the furniture have timber finishes.

The brief:
The home was newly built, architecturally designed with a neutral, earthy colour palette.
We felt that bringing in all the warm colours of nature and the manicured gardens would be ideal.
Earthy but colourful hues with that added texture introduced in the spaces, adds a inviting array of colour brings the outside in. Not only does it create the feeling of a larger space but, the connecting of all the elements just gives it a more harmonious feel.

Conception to completion:
An artwork in the hallway and 2 artworks within the lounge that has not only transformed the space but merged all the elements together into a comfortable, warm and tranquil surround.
Earthy hues with highlights creating an abstract landscape composition, brings everything together, given the open spaces.
More elements to come in this home, as a suggested staircase arrangement could follow and we are looking forward to that.


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