Port Melbourne-2013

Hues next to the Bay

There are a few properties that take your breath away for specific reasons.
This one is because of the location in Port Melbourne and also, the view that is right in the hub of the taking in the view of where “The Sirit of Tasmania docks.
Our clients were fortunate enough to acquire a series of 4 artworks that are  untitled, as they were from our open edition range acquired from our city gallery.

The Brief:
We had to come up with a colour palette that suited the already existing furniture and also combining all the elements and features within the living spaces.

Concept to fruition:
The concept was to have soft, simple, organic shapes that bought the warm palette together and was inviting at the same time.
In the living spaces were a number of different variations that with the correct artwork, communicated well with each other. This was to not only to add colour and movement but, a flow and ease in the space leading to the next.
Our idea is to take the viewer on a journey that is enjoyable and to connect to their own personal story.
Did we succeed, judge for yourself and ask us how we can make this possible for you.


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