Limited edition artwork in commom spaces at The Alto.

Limited edition artwork in common area, Alto Penthouses StKilda.

SA&D were quite fortunate to have a group of people who had made their mind up as to what kind of artwork was required in the common area, purely because they were tired of looking at blank walls and the body corporate were a little slow to get things going.

Here was another twist, they decided that the main clients who had considered the idea was able to choose which artwork they had a preference for.

So for us it was colour and as you have noticed the stool also, with a neutral palette and hints of red to start.

Well, warm colours and given the clients demographic and their criteria, a new version of a foliage and leaves that had movement, depth and texture with an array of warm colours just to make everyone feel good.

In this space, limited editions on canvas for our clients.

These artworks entitled “Autumn Fall 1 & 2” were supplied with a certificate of authenticity and were scaled to suit the space.

Nice common area to walk into don’t you think?

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