Original artywork in Dining and Limited edition on paper at home in Beaumaris

Bayside Beaumaris Residence. Original panoramic abstract artwork on canvas in dining area.

SA&D were given the opportunity to create something totally unique to the space and yet keeping that modern edgy look that we are renowned for.

Our clients had also acquired a previous artwork called “The Moon” from the Bible Series available on our website. So the placement for this had to work, also given that there wasn’t much furniture, and a lot of it had to be replaced or re-ordered.

Yes, our vision caps had to be used so that each artwork could be viewed separately and also connect with other elements to tie the whole theme together.

In the pics you will notice aspects of a modern kitchen broken by a hallway and leading to the dining area with views to the pool and outside courtyard.

Red was the basis and the order of the day to add that extra wow factor, so something flowing, impactful and demanded a little attention given that it is an open space was called for.
Well a happy client is a good client and we are all for happy clients.

They were more than pleased giving us a 10 out of 10.

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