Glass art, product design in Berwick

Alternative uses for Glass Art in Berwick.

Today we had a client that wasn't quite sure what to do with a damaged TV Unit.
The surface had reacted to the foam stoppers on the Plasma and the speakers had done the same.
Options for the client. Respray in 2 pac and that meant pulling apart the whole unit. Buying a new one?

Our favourite, lets place a glass panel on it for you and you will have a one off unit that is unique to you.
What a cool idea
Yes and here it is, a perfect result for the client.
Just for the fun of it, we created matching drinking coasters placed on the coffee table.
The results speak for themselves, from such a simple concept to have so much individuality.
Just another variation how art can be used to individualise a space or product.
How can we help you??, I think you know the answer, :)
We also hope in January that there will be more to come, given the needs of this client in their current home.
Watch this space.

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