Original artworks on canvas in Penthouse, Docklands

Original Abstract Art in Docklands Penthouse.

It is always a pleasure when we meet our clients and the stories of their success.

This conversation generally sets the tone for what is to be the criterion for the project and the enthusiasm that is to follow.
Given the refurbished penthouse, we had noticed a very safe, less is more neutral tone throughout with elements of colour creeping in that had this Santa Fe vibe, given the holidays that they had been on.
So lucky for us as we are big fans of colour with that sunset hues and palette in mind.

The artwork over the couch was the main piece that was to set the stage. Flowing lines that take you on a journey as your eye cascades from one side to the other with ease. So to view this artwork, it was like you were on a holiday, everyday, hmmmmm, nice thought.
The artwork in the meals area had to concentrate on bringing the outside to the inside, with the greenery and also the river having an involvement or connection. Hints of blue representing the river, with highlights though out and textural qualities that connect with the outside world, brought into the space, giving the viewer that instant connection.

The dining room has more of a story and is more intricate, so the viewer takes the time to explore in more detail, the elements within the space. It also has the quality that it isnt screaming for attention and keeping a relaxed feel within that space.
As you can see by the pics and our happy client, the joy of a project well done is what we live for.

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