First photographic reveal in the family dream home, Keilor East

First photographic reveal in the family dream home, Keilor East.

We had the opportunity to chat with this client over 12 months ago and with the artwork that we create, she was an instant fan.

One day, she decides to take us up on our offer of a free consultation and to this day, it was the best investment she could have made given the final result.

We have had so many clients that say to us, I know nothing about art. We find this to be untrue. All of our clients know what they like and what they dont.
It is up to us to tap into this and establish a foundation so that we can then create the possibilities of what is required.

Our client was fortunate to be present to all the concepts and we had an ace up our sleeve and that was that we were going to blind fold her. Given the reaction, it was so worth it and judge for yourself, :)

Whe you see the smile and excitement, this is what we live for with every reveal. The concept of this has been so positive as a testimonial

How would you like to be one of our clients up for a reveal??? You know what to do, :)

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