Original artwork on canvas reveal at prestige beach house in Lorne 2

First YouTube reveal, filmed at the most modern beach house at Lorne.

This client ended up with one of our CD’s. how, we have no idea.
The CD’s are a limited version as to what is on the website and it also shows a number of insitu artworks for perspective clients to view.
This project had a collection of 5 artworks, 13 tiles strategically placed, to complete the vision we set out to create.
Storey boards were also created to bring across the vision and story to the client with close to 20 concepts pitched for the staircase and entry. The interesting part about this was that we had to go so far as to create a storey board for the client, that we felt would not work in the space, as it was the clients choice, just to prove our point that we had taken all concepts to see what was workable.
This was the deal clincher for the client and yep, we are prepared to go to almost any length to prove a point.
The entry of this home consisted of a nickel statue from the 1920’s – 30’s and this was going to be the main feature. The artwork had to be created around this amazing figurine. Other elements were tied into the space and the concept is now a reality.
While leading to the stairs, our 2 pack tiles were places strategically for the maximum effect, creating and directing light and movement into the space giving it a new lease on life.
The tiles are created by SA&D, with our own unique adjustable hanging system, as the have to be millimetre perfect to pull off the finished look, to suit our standard.
The whole installation had to be done in less than 6 hoursand with the film crew buzzing around doing their job,….. Anything can happen and usually does.
The 2 additional artworks placed upstairs were the first to be installed.
The first extended the balustrade and completed that space given that we had to work from the stairs upward and also over the top at each end of the space. The view of this artwork from the dining area was perfect given it was an original artwork to suit that space, "Perfect".
The dining area had an opposing artwork with an alternate colour palette giving the space a much-needed injection of colour and scaled perfectly.
This artwork called Lush and also Lush in red in the dining area was something the clients were not sure about at the time, but viewing the YouTube clip confirmed to us that the choice was the right one.

The idea of a reveal was an exciting prospect as we felt it would be the best testimonial we could show and it did not disappoint.  Feel free to view,


If you wish to just watch the walk through,  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxTtLUOqnEo

Enjoy the tour and contact us for a consultation for original art by SA&D.


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