Original artwork and first YouTube clip at Sorrento beach house

The first YouTube clip at the modern Sorrento beach house with original art on canvas.

It is amazing when clients see the artwork in our gallery and they say to us, “that’s it, I want it”.

The situation here was that we measured the area prior to accepting the offer as we felt that the scale of the artwork may not fit or, elements were not suitable.

A collection of 3 artworks all at 1 x 4 metres approx, 45 tiles strategically placed to complete the vision we set out to create in the entry alone.

Storey boards were also created to bring across the vision and story to the client, in addition to photos taken.

This home was just completed and as we were placing the art and the tiles in their final resting place, the furniture was being moved in and assembled. Oh and the film crew too.

2 artworks at 1 x 4 metres were installed and a smaller 70 x 250cm artwork further up the stairs and the tiles complete the treatment within the space.

The tiles are created by SA&D, with our own unique adjustable hanging system, as the have to be millimetre perfect to pull off the finished look required.

This was an amazing 2 day install that went quite smoothly and the final result really does bring the soul into the living spaces or common area's.
The 2 additional artworks entitled Pinnacle and Uprising, placed upstairs and the first extended the balustrade and completed that space. The view of this artwork walking from the dining area, through the overpass and into the master bedroom was perfect, given that they are large scale original artworks, that specifically suited that space.

The area leading to the pool had its own challenges. The home had such a neutral palette that an injection of colour was so needed here. So, the artwork entitled, "Bolts of colour" was created so that this would be the colour palette for the rest of the home. An original artwork on canvas and the mouldings were specifically made for this artwork also. The base blue just sets the stage to connect with the lap pool and what a stage it is.

Our first video clip on site is now viewed on YouTube for everyone to see.  Feel free to view,


Enjoy the tour and contact us for a consultation for original art by SA&D.



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