St Kilda-2013

“Its got to be hot in StKilda”

Well, we couldn't do better than this location in StKilda and the views were spectacular.
Ok,……. young guy, moved into the area, new furniture, new start and it seemed to work out to be a bachelor pad style was our new challenge.

The brief:
Bachelor pad. So, all the feelings of passion, sensuality and sophistication etc.
Given the furniture acquired was black and chrome, well, ….. red was the order of the day with movement, texture and decadence.
High impact and yet, tasteful so yes we were scheming as we do.

Conception to completion:
One in the lounge, that  connect with the palette of the sunset yet, still had that decadent feel. You cannot do better than original artworks that is either, scaled to the furniture, or the space.
The dining area also had a red base with a similar hint of that decadence and more of a base red, given its position and less intense in the actual space.

Each artwork works off each other and adds flow and passion within the space.
What it also does is add that sense of excitement and movement.
I would have to say that I would love to hang out here when there is a party, or even just enjoy as it was a great little project to do.


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