Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Sayers Art and Design is a company that was conceived 15 years ago with Bill Sayers being the “Master Artist” and now including his design and marketing team headed by Hans Langeder, has been growing dramatically. With clients in both residential and commercial fields, Sayers Art and Design has broken all boundaries with our unique artistic style.

Sayers Art and Design is widely acknowledged initially in art galleries nationally and internationally.
With Architects, Interior Designers and International Trade Organizations also part of our client base.

To describe the work offered depicting these objects, angles and illusive forms, would at times be slightly bizarre - offbeat - often puzzling, always rich in colour, reflect the liveliness, guaranteeing the observer pleasure and amazement in their viewing. These brilliantly executed artworks inspire life experiences in us all, incorporating design and technical skill described as contemporary hard line geometric abstract. Sayers Art and Design incorporates these themes into abstract form relating to illusional statements, location, story, lessons, or just seeking the perfect image. Transmuted images, digitally adjusted, manipulating and improving to create a new statement, story or lesson to create the perfect image to suit the space intended.

Our philosophy is to create artistic designs that are, fresh, sharp, exciting and uplifting for the viewer for the space intended. To challenge all we know and push the boundaries and exceed our clients’ expectations.  


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Adobe: Best Image Award
HP: Best Image Award
Data Basics: Best Image Award

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